Why to exercise

This morning as I was running my 1 mile speed workout, I was listening to an interview from Endurance Planet. This is one of my favorite podcasts and is the one that inspired me with the format for Missionary Talks. Though the podcast has changed hosts and formats a bit from those days.

The interviewee was talking about the question that people have on why does he exercise and run, especially when he could enjoy life so much better if he did not spend all his free time working hard. His answer was to the tune that because he is running and exercising, he is enjoying life. That is what he does for fun. Sure it is work, but that does not mean it cannot be fun.

I can’t imagine that people who are not able to bend over and tie their shoe are having more fun than I am. Or those who get winded getting in and out of a car are enjoying a better quality of life than I am. I no longer experience heart burn on a regular basis. I have strength to do what I want to do. I went and played soccer last week with a bunch of teenagers, and while they were much more skilled in the handling of the ball, I was able to keep up with them in the speed and endurance.

Yes, I too am having much more fun as someone who is taking care of the body God gave him. Come join us. You might find that being able to tie your shoe without props is much more fun than dying 20 years sooner than you need to.

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