First day of camp…and the rains came

Today was our first full day of Deaf Camp in Yucatán. We had 14 people in our group.

We did the normal camp stuff of playing games and eating hot dogs. Since this is a day camp (we are not sleeping at the campground), we had to be up early to gather everyone and get started. We had a slow start this morning due to broken down buses and having to wake people up to come.Volleyball in the rain

When we arrived at the camp there was some work going on in the auditorium. There were electricians installing some lighting (for which we were thankful this evening when it got dark). That delayed us even more. The morning schedule was all a mess, but we managed to have time to get our services in. Then we had lunch and got ready for soccer in the hot weather.

After soccer we set up the volleyball net and were having a grand time when the rains came. All, except 2 girls, enjoyed the rain. We played volleyball longer in the rain than out.

Other difficulties kept us from doing all our activities this afternoon, but all had a good time. We just shifted things around and I don’t think anyone missed much.

Tonight in church while we were singing the last song before the preaching, a bat flew in and would not leave. With the Deaf, it is important to eliminate all the visual distractions that you can. When they are looking at a bat flying around, they are not paying attention to the speaker. Eventually the bat got tired of us trying to evict him and he flew into a cubby hole in the church. I think that was his home. I watched the rest of the evening and he never came out again.

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