Post-run necessities

Today I had a “Tempo Run” thrown into my training plan [PDF]. This basically is a 1 mile warm up at an easy pace. Then you run your required distance at “almost race pace” which is followed by a 1 mile cool down. I was supposed to do 3.5 miles today but had to cut it short due to an appointment and the fact that I woke up 1 hour late. Not sure what happened this morning for that to take place.Eating breakfast in pool

I ended up with a great pace for a 3 mile run. Just a bit faster than my workout called for. 9:07 per mile was the prescribed time and I ran it in 9:03.

When I got home I needed to do several things quickly. Since I only had 25 minutes to cool off, eat breakfast, take a shower and enjoy a cup of coffee (not necessarily in that order), I had to combine some of my activities.

Breakfast was ready for me when I walked in the door (my wife is awesome about that). Since said wife does not like sweat puddles under the table, I decided to take my food out to the back porch and eat it there. While consuming a wonderful omelet with a few veggies and avocados, I started eying the pool as a great place to cool off.

In no time I was in the pool enjoying breakfast and cooling off so that within an hour of my shower I should be able to stop sweating. I often will spend time in the pool after a run. I can’t say I am swimming since my daughter will insist on getting in. But if I tell her I am cleaning the pool, she is cool with that. And, I almost always do give it a good skimming.

I don’t know if the pool time really helps me get my core temp down since the water is not that cold. But, it certainly does not hurt.

The only thing I missed on the list of post-run necessities is a massage. But, I guess the necessity of that could be argued.

4 thoughts on “Post-run necessities”

  1. How cool is that! breakfast is served!

    on the geek tip: if the water is cooler than the air, the heat transfer from your body will be greater. So, although the differential in your core temperature may be slightly faster in the water than in the air. And your clothes will move faster to the temperature of the water, thus cooling fast as well, in lieu of just wicking the moisture away as your shirt/shorts dry. Just my hypothesis.

  2. Nope. No the way I eat breakfast normally, but it is not a bad thought.

    Having my work day inverted is kinda nice. I usually get to have a leisurely breakfast and morning. Things get hectic for supper and evening time, but that is the price you pay for living in paradise. (Did I just say that?)

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