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WinterbellsI did a little stumbling today and came across a website that had a really neat set of games. The one that StumbleUpon pointed me to was called Winterbells. You have to hop a bunny from one bell to another which gets you 10 points each. There are point doubling opportunities. As you go higher the bells get smaller.

There is a whole list of games. Some are really dumb and mindless. Some are pretty fun. I have only played a handful of them, but look forward to revisiting the site when I have 15 minutes to kill. The beauty of most of these games is that you can have a great time playing a game and it only takes 3 minutes or so.

Many of the colors are pastel and muted. That caused a problem on some of the games. There was not enough contrast to really see where you were supposed to be transporting the items.

Some of these games have been around since the turn of the century based on the copyrights on them.

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