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After the major detour, we rested for the night in Acayucan. We then faced a 10 hour day on Saturday to get back home.

The trip was fairly uneventful. We were thankful to be back in familiar territory. It was nice to feel like we were close enough to home that if anything happened, someone could come and get us.

I know you should not talk about being away from home on your blog because that can invite bad guys to come steal your stuff. I am not concerned about that. We had people staying in our house almost the whole time we were gone.

We got home and I found a weed eater in my office. I think that was a hint from our guests that I need to cut the grass more often.

Today we got to meet our house guests for the first time in several years. Though we have seen the mom and dad a few times recently, this was the first time we saw the 9 children together. Our son had a good time talking with the boys and sharing stories. One thing our son has never been good at is asking other people what their name is. When he does ask, he hardly ever remembers. So I guess he just feels fine not asking.

I asked him what the names of the boys were that he was talking with today. He did not know, but the one in the red striped shirt and he got along well. I asked him if he would know which one the red striped shirt boy was if he changed clothes. “Yes,” he replied, “he looks like the one in the blue shirt, but a little less serious in the face.”

Well, that settles it then.

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