Strange download numbers

The My Thought Spot podcast is not a runaway hit since there is really no target market. Today I noticed something strange with the numbers.

Download stats

The number to the right is the total downloads number. Notice the highest number of downloads is the very first one. That makes sense. People have had more time to listen to it. Episode 5 plummeted. Strange. I thought maybe there was just a stat error in my server logs, but that number is consistent with the episodes after 6.

Episode 6 is the one where I recorded while running. My mom said she had trouble listening to it because she kept trying to breathe for me. My wife thought it was novel, but suggested I don’t do it again.

So the episode that has gotten the most critical comments is the one that has been downloaded more than the others around it. Maybe I will have to do another running one to see how it works out. Don’t worry Mom, I will try to warn you so you can have your oxygen tank handy.

One thought on “Strange download numbers”

  1. I haven’t downloaded number 10 yet… and I guess my 75 copies of Ep06 threw your numbers off, whoops. I figured that I could sell them on eBay… but that didn’t happen. Lots more interest when I typed it “My Thoughts Pot”

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