1 mile warm up

Is it OK to do a warm up run if you don’t follow it with anything?

Today I did a 10 minute mile warm up. When I got back home I was all good and warm and ready for some stretching. I had some soreness in my calves from my long run on Saturday. I did not get a chance to stay on my feet Saturday afternoon since I was on a plane for 5 hours. Sunday I was so tired that I did not do any real exercise. So today I was a bit stiff. I just ran and then stretched. Sounded like a reasonable plan for today.

Tomorrow I plan on a 5K distance. Tuesday is normally speed work for me. But I think I may put it off till later in the week.

I have to decide soon what plan I am going to use for my 1/2 marathon training as I get ready for the Phedippidations World Wide Half marathon in October. After that great run I had Saturday, I am strongly thinking about a Galloway Run/Walk routine.

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