Interpreting a dead language

American Sign Language (ASL) is not, in and of itself, a dead language. But, it seems to be for me. I am doing much better getting back to my roots today than I was yesterday. I had to do some voice work today, which is in some ways better than signing. I did quite a bit of talking with ASL speakers which helped re-familiarize me with the language.

The reason I am in California is for a large conference for the Deaf. I got to do some ASL to spoken Spanish today. That was not as hard as I thought it would be.

I am scheduled to speak twice while I am here. Of course, I was not told that until today. At noon the director came to me and asked if I could speak at 6:00 this evening. I hemmed and hawed until he put me off to Thursday night. That should give me time to have my signs return to me.

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  1. Oh yes. I am having a blast. I am not able to get everything done that I wanted to this week, but I have had an awesome time with old friends and enjoying some of the most incredible weather and scenery.

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