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It is very nice that in our town the running community is very active. We have a race (or two) every weekend here. Races are free or cheap (the most I have paid is $2.70 US for a race).

But getting race information seems to be a closely guarded secret. Though I have been to multiple races and have a few friends in the running community, I still have not found the secret as to how hundreds of people each week can show up for a race that does not advertise.

Yesterday I found out there was a race going on only because, as I was driving around town, I got stopped by the police escort to allow the runners to go past.

There was a message written Friday which was on the running community mailing list. It said, “I read that the PGR race is tomorrow, but I also heard that Sunday is the FALCO race. Can someone confirm that?”

The reply: “You have the information correct.”

What kind of help is that? What on earth does PGR mean? FALCO? That says nothing about when nor where these races are except that they are on Saturday and Sunday.

I have been told over and over that “all” the racing community information can be found on a physical bulletin board at one of the stadiums in town. Fortunately it is the stadium where I have my football practice and I often run there when I need a shady running spot. So I pass by the bulletin board many times a week. I have been looking over the last few weeks at races. The most recent race information was a hand written note. In essence it said “The (I don’t remember the initials, but perhaps it was the FALCO race) FALCO race will be held.” No time, place nor date information on the note. It was assumed that everyone would know the details.

The most recent marathon run here in town I did not even know about it until the following day. How do you have only 2 marathons a year and have total lack of advertisement? The race directors lamented about it last year because there were so few people who ran. I can take a guess as to why. Marathons need to be advertised heavily a year in advance. This gives people time to plan for them. This particular marathon is a yearly event. But for people who are new to racing or new to the area (they expect our city population to double within 6 years!), need to know about these annual events even though the regulars already know about them.

As active as the running community is, they sure do a poor job of putting on races.

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  1. That would not change anything. The problem is not the running community per se, it is the culture.

    These events seem to be well funded. There is almost always a T-Shirt and plenty of water. Well, except for that one race in September. Interestingly, it is one of only four races that I have paid for.

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