Repeat after me: Run first, Breakfast second

Normally I grab a small snack, a cup of coffee and a liter of water as soon as I get up and awake. Then I enjoy those over about 15 minutes of Bible reading. Another 15-30 minutes is spent letting the snack and liquid settle while I get ready to go out for a run. After the run I sit down and have a real breakfast with the family.

If I happen to be late, but have plenty of time in the morning, I will have breakfast with the crew first. Usually I let that all settle for an hour or so, and then go running.

Today was all messed up. I had an early morning appointment. Though I got up in plenty of time to run, my wife had breakfast ready extra early because of the appointment. I decided to eat first. Since I was going on a short run and intentionally would make it a slow one, I did not think there would be too much of a problem with eating and heading right out the door.


Just 5 minutes into the run I was ready to quit. My insides were sloshing around with every step. I managed to run another 5 minutes just to get me back close to home again. Then I walked the last 5 minutes back to the house.

Run first. Breakfast second.

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