Be careful little hands what you say

I just got back from a discipleship class that I teach each Saturday with one of the Deaf teens in our church.

At church we take prayer requests each Sunday and a couple of weeks ago we had mentioned several young people who needed prayer concerning a particular exam coming up. On the list I put all the names of those who were taking the exam and who also attend our church. Others were mentioned who were also taking the exam. So that the list would not be too long, I joked that we were only going to pray for those who come to church.

This teen’s mother told me today that they were praying through the list and came to the request about the exam. She started praying for those on the list and for the others who were in the class. Her son stopped her and told her that she could not pray for those who don’t come to church because I said so. He took quite literally that I meant that only those who come to church were allowed to be prayed for.

Oops. Maybe some things are best left unsaid.

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