Contest 1st Runner Up!

 A couple of weeks ago I posted about the Let Them Hear You contest that was being put on by Dancing with Elephants. I was hoping to win an iPod Shuffle, not that I really needed another one. But I also had my eye on the Dr. Floyd Imagination Nation Rangers membership. I am a pretty faithful Dr. Floyd listener and my son has gotten into it too. Really. I wanted the Imagination Nation Rangers membership for him. Really!

Instead, I got the first runner up prize which had an item I was really looking forward to. The big coffee mug from Comedy4Cast was calling my name. I am not interested at all in the music CDs that I won. I wonder if it is appropriate to tell them I don’t want them and they can save on shipping by not sending them? Is that rude? Would I sound like an ingrate? I expect them to contact me in the next day or two to get my shipping information. I guess I will decide by then.

Congratulations to the other two winners. There was a grand prize and a 2nd runner up prize. I won with my review of the Around the World with AiG’s Ken Ham podcast. I reviewed over 30 podcasts during the contest. I feel very pleased with having done all of these reviews. These are shows I listen to anyway, I might as well review them. I saved the other half of the shows I listen to for a future contest.

Now if I can just get people to give me some feedback/review love for Missionary Talks.

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