Visa renewal submitted

I finally got my visa paperwork in today. I have been working on it for about a month. I had to wait for some letters to arrive. Then I had to make an insane number of copies of inane stuff. I took in 130 pages of copies today along with some original documents. And this is just for a renewal!

We have used a lawyer in the past for this process. I guess the copy bill is what she was charging me $300 for. I was not aware that all this stuff that I have submitted in the past had to be copied twice. That includes every page of our passports. Since my wife and son’s passports are brand new (less than 2 weeks old) that means there are something like 17 pages completely blank. What a waste.

But, it is done. Now we wait for a month and call them to see if the visas are back. They undoubtedly will not be. Then we call in another month and so on. Then, when it is time to renew them again next year, we might get them back to start the process over.

If, however, we have to leave the country while our paperwork is in Mexico City and not in our possession, we get to pay $25 each for the privilege of leaving the country. We happen to have a couple of trips planned in late June and July. We hope the visas are back by then.

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