Steve’s post-race “Thank You”

I took the following text from Steve was giving a “thank you” to those of us who followed him and cheered him through the marathon yesterday. Take some time to run over to Steve’s site and read the rest of the quote. It is currently at the front page of the site.

“Thank you”

At 2:10 PM on Monday April 16th 2007, as I approached mile twenty-two of the Boston Marathon course, I was feeling horrible: both physically and emotionally. I had worked so hard for this moment, and I was failing. The digital clock on my wrist displayed the bitter truth: I was losing my chance for a personal record, I was falling apart and powerless to do anything about it.

All of the positive energy that had been rolling around in my head had been blown away as I came to the top of the hills, as the cold Nor’Easter wind and rain pelted my weakening body. What had been a solid 9:30 pace, had become a frustrating 11:00 pace by mile 19.

I was exhausted, dehydrated, and in mind numbing agony. The positive thoughts that I had been chanting to myself had succumbed to feelings of utter failure.

I had dreamt of this race, and this course, for many nights over the past year, with a steadfast determination to conquer my previous course record, and now my dreams were being shattered.

When I came to mile 22, and saw John Ellis, he gave me words of encouragement. He instructed me to focus on my running form, lean forward a bit, and let my legs (which were not in pain) carry my body. He reminded me that this was the moment I had worked so hard for, and then told me something that gave me more inspiration than any of the positive thoughts which had carried me to this point.

“There are hundreds of fellow runners, all over the world, cheering for you and following you on the Internet right now…”

As I turned back to the race, it took a few minutes for that last bit to sink in.

“Hundreds following me?”


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