We are becoming my parents! HELP!!

I talked with Dad yesterday. Last week was Mom and Dad’s anniversary. They celebrated 39 years. Mom claims that is her age and that she has been married since she was 6 months old. For some reason I am not buying it.

Back to the phone conversation with Dad. He said that on their anniversary day, they went to Barnhill’s Buffet. Elegant anniversary dinner.

However on the next day, they did celebrate properly. He gave Mom the choice of her favorite restaurant, Olive Garden, or any place of her choosing. He said she chose some place else, but he could not remember where it was. You can tell it made a great impact on him.

He commented that they did not have any books with them. They actually talked with one another while they ate. “Just like a real date,” he said.

That whole conversation came crashing back to me as we were standing in the library this morning and I was trying to pick out which book I wanted to read when we went to lunch later in the day. Are my wife and I becoming my parents? I sure hope not. I don’t think the world could be ready for 2 sets of people like them.

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