Missionary Talks problems

Boy am I having a time getting this next edition of Missionary Talks out! I have 2 recordings that I need to work on. I was hoping to get one of them done today, but it is just eating my lunch. I think I am going to skip that recording for now and move onto the next one. I know the information will be old news to me by the time I get that one out, but it will be fresh to everyone else. I really just need to get a show out there.

There are a couple of people in town this week that I may be able to rope into an interview. They have been to the Quechua people in Peru for a short term trip. They are not career missionaries, but they may be able to share a couple of stories. I think that would be great. I could share one of my Peruvian stories with you too. I spent 4.5 months there in 1991. I have quite a few stories I could share. Might be a good reason to pull out my journals from that trip.

So, I am going to give up on this one show for the time being and crank out the next interview that I have recorded. It will be a bit of a shorter show. Maybe you will like that. I will start on it in the morning when I am less frustrated.

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