March Running Summary

I have not done a running summary in a couple of months. Mainly that is due to the fact that I ran, but had no big goals nor breakthroughs. March was a bit different however, therefore I am interested in a summary. You can always see my running progress at my running log. Sometimes I don’t always update it daily, but almost always on a weekly basis. Especially if I am traveling, I don’t always keep it updated daily.

I have run 124 miles so far this year. The month of March was 60 of those miles. Now you can see why I am a bit more excited about March. I ran as many miles that month as I did the two previous months combined. And, 22 of those 60 miles were in the last 7 days.

I ran 1 race. It was a 10K.

The week I ran 20+ miles was fun in that I got to run twice a day for a couple of those days. I also got to run with other people. Previous to that week, with the exception of races, I had only logged 4 miles while running with someone else. And that was over a year ago. It was enjoyable to hit the road with other people and get a chance to talk. We went at a much slower pace. It made me feel good to be the fastest runner in the group.

It was a good month for running. I just crossed over the 400 mile mark on my “new” shoes. I have logged more than 700 miles total since starting to run. I am not sure what I am going to do about shoes yet.

I had a brilliant idea on the shoe situation this last week, but I thought about it too late. I was surrounded by people who had nice shoes. I started asking around to see if anyone had my size and to see if they would sell me their shoes if they were in good shape. I could not find any shoes that fit the bill. Maybe if I had started earlier in the week then I would have found what I was looking for.

Have I ever explained the shoe situation? Fodder for a later post I guess.

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