I’m sinking!

I have commented a couple of times recently in other blogs and in the podcast that I released this morning about how that digg has brought me pretty good traffic numbers. This has been due, I think, to the fact that I was on page 2 of the religion category for a while and then dropped back to page 3. Today I fell into page 4! Yikes!

The way digg’s system works is that anyone digging the podcast (or story) has to be an active member of digg for their “digg” to count. To be active means that you dugg any story within the last 2 weeks. I think if you comment on the site you also keep your active status.

Though I have had 26 different diggs through the 3 month life span of the service, only 13 of those are currently active.

Use this as a reminder that any show or story that you have dugg in the past will lose their numbers if you don’t use the site. But as soon as you digg any story or podcast, then all your diggs return and those who you dugg will get their diggs back. Don’t just do it for me, do it for someone you love!

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