Missionary Talks 20: Garvin Dykes

Garvin Dykes is a friend of ours whom we met while still in our previous ministry at the Bill Rice Ranch. When we left the Ranch and started looking for information about having our church act as our “missions agency” we turned to Bro. Garvin for advice. He helped us tremendously and, over time, we decided to use Baptist International Outreach as a clearing house for our funds and legal paperwork (in missionary speak that means they keep us out of trouble with the IRS).

We knew several weeks back that Bro. Dykes would be in the area and also knew that we were going to get to have a meal with him. What we did not know is that we were able to snatch him away from his other responsibilities for a few hours.

I dragged him off to a coffee shop and recorded this interview…I won’t make that mistake again! What a horrible noisy place. I got them to turn down the music after we had been recording for a little bit, but the first part is still quite noisy. After we finished up the interview we stepped outside and it was so nice and quiet out there. Had we set up our interview out there we would only have had road noise to deal with on occasion. The music was blasting the whole time inside.

I wanted to do the interview in a place that had some background noise. Doing any recording during the day at my house is sketchy. It is hard to keep things quiet with all the outside noise and 2 kids. By recording in a “sound rich” environment, I figured it would be easier to excuse the occasional noise. I got well more than I bargained for.

Check out the show. Let me know what you think. As far as interesting content, this is one of the best episodes in my opinion. We did not talk about him or his ministry. We talked about a three month trip to Africa and what he was able to do there.

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