Missionary Talks 18: John Yingling BIO

Baptist International Outreach (BIO) is the mission board that I am associated with. In this episode of Missionary Talks I talk with the Missions Director of BIO, John Yingling.

The call quality on this episode is horrible. I thought the last one was bad. This one put it to shame. I think I have a much better system figured out now. The next phone interview will be a far better quality.

When I called John, we talked for over an hour and a half. But the interview part was pretty short. Those who are needing a short podcast this week get to save 2 minutes off the length of this one. You’re welcome.

2 thoughts on “Missionary Talks 18: John Yingling BIO”

  1. Good. I am glad to hear that. It is a bit distracting to me, but if it is understandable, that is great.

    I recorded another interview today that will be going up next week. It is a much better recording.

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