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The reason for the lack of running comments here is because I have not been running.

Saturday I got a “flat tire.” My shoes rubbed a hole in the back of my leg. I was doing a 6 mile run and about 2 miles into it I noticed that my shoes had been rubbing my achilles tendon. This was not a new problem. These shoes have been a problem since my first run with them.

I then ran 2 more miles and found that I could not go any more. I stopped and took off my shoe and started the 2 mile walk back home. That did not last too long since I am a tenderfoot. I put the shoe back on, but very loosely laced and tried to walk with my foot in the front of the shoe. That still hurt, but I alternated walking with and without the shoe. I would have called my wife, but since it was a short run, I did not take the phone with me. I normally only take it when I am going to be gone more than 7 miles.

I have not found a shoe store here that carries shoes big enough for me. So I am stuck with these until I can have some brought in or I make a trip back to the US. These have 350 miles on them. I can almost justify getting new ones now.

So the hole in the back of the leg has kept me out of shoes as much as possible the last few days. I will probably get back on the road tomorrow. I have missed the last 2 exercise classes because of this, but I have been doing other basic exercises in the mean time.

Now that I have had my break, it is time to go bang out a few more push-ups before hitting the shower.

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