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Yesterday I had something disturbing take place, that as I dug further, I realized it was not a new phenomenon. I downloaded some new podcasts, but could not find them in my iTunes smart playlist that I have set up for them.Missionary Talks ID3 Tags

My playlist is set to give me all podcasts that have never been fully listened to (“genre is podcast, playcount is 0”). Then I have iTunes delete all podcasts when the playcount reaches 1. This keeps me from filling up my hard drive and iPod with old episodes that I am sure never to go back and hear. If I need the episode for some reason, I can always re-download it.

But, I discovered that a couple of the new podcasts I have subscribed to have their genre marked as Comedy, Speech or other such logical name. While the genre might be appropriate, it breaks my playlist. Looking back, I found there were some other podcast episodes that I missed listening to because they had a different genre plugged in. Some were from podcasts that I normally hear, but for some reason changed their genre to something else briefly.

While the podcasting community certainly does not have no build their ID3 tags around my playlist, it does seem appropriate to mark a podcast as such. What would be nice is to be able to have multiple genre tags so that the show can be marked as a podcast and as another appropriate genre.

What’s your thoughts? Does anyone care about this besides me?

One thought on “MP3 genre tag in podcasts”

  1. I would definitely care if I had a system like yours, but I doubt that most people use the genre anyway. I mean the same artist, will have different genres when ripped and if you have a large collection like I do, then it would be hopeless to try to conform the genre category.

    I might suggest to send something to podcast411 and have them set something up in their “how to” section, but all the people that don’t even pay attention, you might not win them over.

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