Missionary Talks 15: David Peach

Here it is. What the world has been clamoring for…an interview with myself! (Ok, only three people have asked).

In this episode my wife plays host and I play guest. She did a fine job as host, but I must admit, I did a great job as guest. It was like I knew what the intended audience was and what questions would be asked. I am going to have to play as guest more often.

Actually, though I had written out the questions for her, she threw a few in on her own and mixed them up a bit. I had written a potential list of questions about 4 hours before we recorded. If you know me, that means that I had totally forgotten what the questions were by the time we got to the mic. So it came off as “fresh” I think.

I am working on a few new places/countries to get missionaries from. Early on in the show I did not have trouble working out recording times with people because they were mostly missionaries who are close friends or who live nearby. But now I have emails out to 3 missionaries that I wanted to get on the show this week. Out of the three only one has written back to tell me he cannot record for another month or so. Still waiting to hear from the other two. I have a ton of missionaries here locally I can get, but I want to spread them out so we don’t have all the shows from just right here.

The show is doing well. I appreciate all the votes so far this month. I have stayed in the top 10 at Podcast Alley in my category. Of course we are only a couple days into the month, so those numbers will change. I ended the last 2 months in the mid-30th position.

Enjoy the show!

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