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I have been listening to Planet3rry’s podcast Gravity @ 1053 today. I thought I was subscribed to it, but apparently not. He keeps mentioning on his blog that he has an episode about ready to go out. But, I never catch when one is actually posted. So I was not aware that he was really producing. Anyway, I am catching up. I have heard 3 today and my ears are not bleeding yet.

It is a running related podcast.Missionary Talks Logo

Time to vote. A new month is upon us. If you have voted for my podcast during the month of January, you need to vote again in February at Podcast Alley. This is a monthly voting process. You do have to give your email address, but I have not gotten any spam from them yet. Voting each month is kind of a drag, but it at least gives a podcaster an idea of how many are active listeners and it is kinda fun to watch the numbers. Looks like my show will end up in 37th place in the Religion & Spirituality category. That is about where I was for the month of December.

Also, there is Digg. At Digg you don’t have to vote every month. That is nice for the voters, but not so much for the podcasters. This means that once you get your main listeners to digg you, you have little chance of moving up in the standings. It really is just a matter of how many listeners you have. Not how many are rabid fans.

I am trying to promote my podcast as much as possible. If anyone could mention my show at your blog, that would be a great help. Especially if your blog might have religious type readers.

Yesterday I took my son out for a nice long run. He was doing great after 25 minutes (which was our goal), so I pushed him a bit further. He ran for 40 minutes and covered 5.05 Km. That is not a blazing pace, but it is the first time he has covered that distance. We had previously just been working on moving along consistently (at a higher pace), yesterday I was interested in starting to work up his distance. I did not expect to be able to run that far. He did very well. He may be running his first 5K race sooner than expected.

I wanted to have a post every day this month. I missed 2 days somehow. But, there are some days where I had more than one post, so I made up for the misses. I don’t really have a goal to blog every day, it just worked out that way this month. Maybe it will continue.

Thanks for helping me have a good start to the new year. Send people this way to see what is going on.

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