Rats in India

I remember a few years ago talking about this same problem. People in India are starving because the rats are eating all of the rice before it can be harvested. If I remember correctly the problem before had to do with the rats eating the rice out of the warehouses.

But, since rats are deified in the Hindu religion, you cannot kill them. The rats are allowed to live and prosper while people are dying of starvation. I imagine the economy in this region is also affected greatly.

This was brought to my mind because of a story I heard on Mission Network News this morning. Here is an excerpt:

Mizoram and Manipur sees to be the hardest hit states. The Chief Minister of Mizoram is a Christian and ordered that all rats be killed. However in neighboring Manipur, the chief minister is a Hindu. “Killing rats is psychologically difficult for many Hindus since rats are actually deified in the Hindu religion. The elephant god of prosperity if [sic] often portrayed as riding upon a giant rat.”

Pudaite says Manipur’s rice harvest has been especially hit hard this year. “They thought they were going to have a wonderful harvest this year. And then, the farmers went to their rice fields to harvest and over night the rats had devoured all of their harvest.”

My God tells me to not make any images or worship anything besides Him (Exodus 20:3-5). He also says that man was made to have dominion over the plant and animal kingdom (Genesis 1:27-30).

When you step outside of the laws that God has lain down for us, you have a world that falls out of proportion. You have people worshiping rats and allowing the rats to eat the food intended to keep human families alive. You have more value placed in the life of a rodent than on the life of a starving child.

Fortunately, the God I worship is merciful enough to allow those who worship Him help those who do not. There will be lives saved through this crisis because Christians from around the world are willing to make sacrifices on behalf of unbelievers whom they have never met.

Bibles for the World is distributing rice in the region in Jesus name, but Pudaite says they also did something else. “We provided the Bible in their language, for every family that did not have the Bible in their home. It’s a tremendous opportunity to share the love of Christ.”

Funding is needed. Bibles for the World would like to distribute more than one-million Bibles this year. Coupled with that is the need for purchase rice. “Bibles for the World has established a special relief fund. All the donated money will be used to buy rice, which our co-workers in India will distribute to the people.”

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