Oh Boy! Homework!

Our son flew to Indianapolis to spend a couple of weeks with cousins. Though he has spent a few days in schools here and there, it has only been for fun and he never really got to spend 2 weeks at a time in a school. He has always been home schooled. In my opinion, if home schooling is done properly, there should never be homework.

Today was his second day at the school. He came home with homework and was just thrilled. It was his first time to have to do homework in his life. Being in fourth grade, this was exciting.

I just can’t imagine being excited about homework, but I also had enough of it to last me a lifetime.

2 thoughts on “Oh Boy! Homework!”

  1. He came home and went straight to the table and started doing it. He is enjoying the classroom time as well. He also is having fun with the daily chores of the household, even cooked (helped) dinner on Wednesday. He is having fun.

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