Short run…real short

I was going for a 3 mile fast run today. I wanted to be somewhere around 27 minutes.

The problem was the last 2 days leading up to this run. I did a lot of ladder work. No that is not some kind of special workout. I was just going up and down a ladder a lot. I spent several hours of Tuesday and Wednesday on a ladder. There were two different projects involved. One was putting up a frame to hang a banner on at the church, which hopefully I will get a picture of this weekend and put on here. The other was climbing to the top of my very tall house a few times to see if I could pinpoint a water leak we seem to be having.

Both of these projects left my calves a bit tight and sore the last two nights. This morning I felt pretty good and stretched out a little before my run.

I took off ready to set a quick pace. About 2 blocks into the run I knew that was a bad idea. I then cranked the pace back quite a bit and found that I was still quite sore. So, I made the block and took a nice easy pace back home and called it quits. I have a race this weekend that I want to be ready for, so I did not want to blow it on a run today.

.66 miles in 5:39 for a pace of 8:34 per mile.

3 thoughts on “Short run…real short”

  1. I think the pace is a bit faster than you are thinking. That is about 7.2 miles per hour. Does your treadmill even go that fast? That is still not a shabby pace for me.

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