Making a smart playlist in iTunes

My brother just got a new iPod nano for Christmas. This is somewhat written for him and all the others who need to know how to do a smart playlist in a smart way. This is just one example of what can be done. It will give you an idea of what is possible.

This is a playlist that will be for your podcasts. You really are not interested in most podcasts beyond one listen. If you are, you certainly can keep them around. But this will give you a playlist containing only podcasts that have not been completely listened to.

First off you will need to open iTunes. Then File | New Smart Playlist. “Match the following rule” is checked. Then you want to set it to: Genre is Podcast. Now click the “+” sign at the right and set the next line to: Play count is less than 1. Everything else can be left at its default values.

Another one you can do is to have a playlist that is: Genre is Christmas. And: Playcount is less than 1. That will give you only Christmas songs that you have not yet listened to. When you listen to them all, increase the number to 2.

A variation on that is: Genre is not Christmas. And: Playcount is less than 1. That will give you all songs that are not Christmas that you have not yet heard. This may need to be tweaked. If you have a certain genra that you don’t want to include like Speech, then set that like the Christmas genre.

You can build from there. Have fun. And Merry Christmas!

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