The festivities continue

This evening we took the kids to the house of some missionary friends to play while we went to eat.

After dropping them off we went to get my license back from the restaurant in the morning. They had said I could pick it up at noon or so. When I got there, they had not made the copy of the license. The lady told me to come back tomorrow. The place is not terribly far from where we live, but the principle of the thing is that they said they would have a copy of it by then and I did not want to come back later (because I doubt they would have made the copy by the next day anyway).

This restaurant is in a mall. The manager sent one of the workers to make a copy, after I had given them the money to cover the copy of course. The worker returned in about 4 minutes with the news that the copy machine was not working. I was told to come back tomorrow. I then, somewhat animatedly, explained to the manager that I was not going to come back and that I wanted my license back. I told her that I found it hard to believe that in the 3rd largest mall in the whole country that there was not a single working copy place. I further explained to her my frustration at the fact that they nowhere post that I have to have a copy of the document to get my free meal, they just say I have to show proof of birth date. I would not return. And to think, they wanted me to leave my passport for them to copy.

This went on for quite some time. Finally she said that she would see what she could do. She left and returned in less than a minute with the copy. What did she do then that she could not have done 15 minutes before? I have no idea, but she just added to my belief that some people will only do what they feel they absolutely have to do.

We then headed south towards downtown. Along the way at the largest intersection in town the traffic stopped. It took quite some time to get through the intersection. The reason was that someone had hit a pedestrian. We did not see the car that hit her (at least it was not obvious), but she was bleeding from the head and had bystanders watching over her and directing traffic. After we made it through the intersection we saw police cars headed that direction.

We then got to the restaurant of choice. The reason it was chosen was because they typically have live music (of the classical variety) that is not too loud, but enjoyable. We have only ever been there on Sunday afternoons. Tonight they did not have any music. Presumably because it was too early. It was about 6:30 at this time. The custom in this area is that most restaurants don’t even open until 8:00 (or later) because supper is not consumed until 10:00 at night. Way too late for me.

We skimmed through the menu and the thing that jumped out at both of us was Queso Relleno con Camarones [Cheese stuffed with shrimp]. It is a Yucatecan dish and was also the daily special. We both ordered that. The waiter returned in a moment to tell us that they did not have any more. How do you not have the daily special when you still have 6 hours of meal time left in the day?

No daily special? No music? To make a statement of our disgust, we left.

We then decided to check out an Italian restaurant in the Hyatt Hotel. We got there and seated a bit after 7:00. Only 1-1/2 hours later than we first had planned. It was good. My wife had fettuccine with a great sauce. It topped a chicken breast. There was also some very good ham and grilled onions in the sauce. Bursting with flavor.

I paid $10 for 6 raviolis. My wife’s description of the taste was something like: spinach raviolis stuffed with grilled salmon and topped with lemon pledge. I think that was pretty accurate. It was not very warm either. A bit disappointing. But her’s was so good.

We went and got the kids and brought them home. Then we had planned to brew some coffee and enjoy some cheesecake that we picked up at Sam’s today. Well, we were too stuffed for that. So they all went to bed and I am still here banging on the keyboard. The cheesecake by the way is from The Cheesecake Factory. It is one of the small pleasures we treat ourselves to on occasion. You can buy one of those for the same price as you can buy 2 desserts in a restaurant. And it is far better than any cheesecake we have had here with the exception of Boston’s, which is pretty good.

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