New Mixer

Well, it is new to me. It is a Realistic 32-1200B.Mixer Nothing fancy, but it was something I could afford. Do you know how much stuff like this costs in Mexico? Yikes! The nice little Behringer UB802 sells for $45-50 in the US. Here it sells for $90. I bought this Realistic used for $35. The nice thing is that I can turn around and sell it later for the same price. Stuff just does not lose it value here. Or, at least no one wants to sell anything for a lower price.

Now I can record my podcast without having to yell at the mic. One of the nice things about not having had a mixer before is that I never got extraneous noises in my mic. The noise source had to be loud and deliberate to be heard by the mic. Now I will need to be more aware of my recording room so that I don’t have too much outside noise coming into the mic.

This was apparently made around 1994. The information I have found on the web shows information print dates between 1994 and 1996.

Now I need a mic stand to go with it. Then a pop filter, then…

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