Ice bath for runners

The runners in the audience will understand what an ice bath is. Helps to cool the muscles after a race. Keeps the DOS down (delayed onset soreness). I usually make pool cleaning time right after my runs. This allows me to get the pool clean and cool the legs off. Not as cold as an ice bath, but much cooler than nothing. And it feels good too.

Today I had an ice bath, but not by choice and not after a run. Yesterday we discovered that we were out of LP gas. This was in the morning as we were getting ready to head out for a pretty full day’s worth of activities. Since someone had to be home to let the gas guys in and up to the roof of the house, we had to put off calling them. We decided that we could probably get them to come out in the afternoon.

Plans changed and the afternoon/evening became totally free to have the gas guys come out. But this also meant that we did not rush right back home after the morning events. By the time we got home and I called the gas company, they had stopped their delivery for the day. They won’t be able to come until Monday.

Tonight I got to a point where I could not stand my oder and needed a shower. So it was off to the ice bath for me. We have our water holding tank on top of the house. This is usually nice and heated by the sun. Today was overcast and only got to 81 degrees. Last night’s temp was 57 for a low. So the water was not overly warm.

I visualized myself having just finished a nice long run and pretended that the water felt great on my hot body. Of course the inside the house temperature was 70 degrees, so it was hard to convince me that I was overly hot.

They don’t make heaters in these houses and with the windows closed, you still feel a pretty good breeze on a cold night.

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