McDonald’s PlayPlace

Have you been up in a McD’s plastic gym recently? Well, since I am over the age of 25, they did not have these when I was a kid. Therefore, I have never been in one…until today.

Good thing I have lost 80 lbs. recently. If you did not know, these were not made for people 6 feet tall. You probably could have guessed that though. Furthermore, if you are claustrophobic and close to 6 feet tall, this could be a bad experience for you.

Our 2 and a half year old daughter had overshot the slide that she wanted to go to and went a bit higher. Then she got up to a circular spaceship area. She never looked stressed up there except when we sent our son to go get her. We tried to coax her down with an ice cream cone. It was almost completely melted before I swallowed my pride and scurried up the little twisty tube to get her. She was just sitting up there smiling and having a good time.

She came right to me and down the steps to the slide. Then it was my turn down the slide. Whew, that was a tight fit. Kinda icky too. Nylon/plastic slide and I did not just slip down. It was either covered in grime or they have made it so that kids intentionally cannot go faster than a sloth.

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