Evening run

I am trying to get some running in during the evenings. Though I am not an evening exerciser, I have fallen into about 3 hours of extra time in the evenings. I have about an hour and a half on Monday and Friday nights now that I did not use to have free. When my son goes to chess class, I used to go with him. But now I have found a park nearby his chess class that is great for running. There are several people there running at night and it is somewhat well lighted.

Last Friday I ran there and got soaked from the rain. Normally it would be from sweat, so I figured it was no big deal. But because of that, I really was not motivated to run a long run on Saturday with rain soaked shoes. So I bowed out of the Saturday run.

Tonight I ran some intervals at the track. They have a very nice 400 meter dirt track at this park. There are no lane markings, but for my purposes, it is fine.

If you have Google Earth you can copy and paste these coordinates into your search bar and it will show you my new park I have found. 20.975291 N, 89.656806 W

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