The wisdom of a 2 year old

Me bobbing for apples.Me bobbing for apples.We had an activity at the church tonight with the Deaf. Since we work with mostly a younger congregation, we played kids/teenage/young people games.

We played paint ball. Without the paint…or guns…or masks…well, maybe it was not so much like paint ball. We used aluminum balls and set up chairs and obstacles to play capture the flag. We also played basketball without a ball. But we at least had baskets. Or, plastic buckets. That is at least similar to basketball. The ball was a beanbag. Whoever had the ball could not move, but the others could. You just pass the bag2 year old bobbing for apples from one team member to another. It got a bit violent, but fun.

The final game was bobbing for apples. I have not played that since I was a kid. It is much easier to play now that my mouth is bigger. (No snide remarks please). All the boys got very much into the game. None of the girls played, except my daughter. She wanted to get an apple so badly. As soon as someone would finish she would act like she was going to stick her head in. When we finally told her it was her turn to get an apple, she just reached in with one hand and had it in a jiffy. All without getting her head wet. Then she looked at all of us with our soaked faces and shirts as if to say, “silly boys, it is a lot less trouble to just use your hands.”

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