Tilley Hat

Last week I was walking downtown during a big Tilley LTH6tourist time. I was walking with another “gringo” when we were approached by a salesman. He asked where we were from and I responded with the name of the area of town where we live.

He said (in his perfectly broken English), “No, you from Canada porque you wear Tilley hat. Tilley are originado de Canada.” I was instantly impressed. If you don’t know what a Tilley is, it is because you have never met a person wearing one. You can’t spend much more than just a couple of minutes with a Tilly hat wearer before he will tell you all about it.

They are pretty distinctive. I would say that I could pick out a Tilley in a lineup of fine hats. I was really impressed that this Mexican fellow would recognize a Tilley. They are not cheap and therefore I am sure that he has never owned one.

I won’t go into all the details of why a Tilley is such a wonderful hat, you can read that at their website. I will say that I love mine. I have the LTM6 model, which is the one in the picture (click for a bigger pic). It is comfortable, does not look bad after being sat on and really looks sharp in general. I could go on and on. They really are all they are advertised to be.

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