Exchange a VCR and buy a belt

There is a chain of discount stores here in Mexico that Wal-Mart bought out some time back called Bodega Aurrera. As we were in need of a new VCR and my wife was headed to Aurrera to do some shopping, she picked up a combo DVD-VCR player today. I mention Wal-Mart because, regardless of some people’s opinions, it is still one of the easiest places to exchange or return merchandise in my opinion. Most stores here will require that you fill out the warranty card in the store each time you purchase an electronic item. This causes you to have to return the item to a certified repair center or directly to the company. The store will not take the item back even if it was dead right out of the box.

We went back to Bodega Aurrera (Wal-Mart) this evening to return the unit. They switched it out without any problems. When we got it home, we found that it worked perfectly.

While there I needed to purchase a new belt. We did not see any right off in the men’s section. I thought it was odd and teased to my wife that it probably was not the season for belts so there were none on the racks. After a fruitless hunt all through the section I went and asked one of the workers in the men’s department about them.

I laughed with the answer all the way back to where my wife was standing. It seems that they have not received their shipment of belts yet for the upcoming season. So, yes, there is a season to buy belts.

It is funny that they sell pants year around.

2 thoughts on “Exchange a VCR and buy a belt”

  1. I am not sure what season it is. The lady did offer me the one belt they had in the back storage area. She said it was an ugly white one. I declined.

    I guess because people are so skinny here that men actually have hips, their pants stay on without belts.

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