Mission Accomplished!

I met my running goals for the month! This is not the first time I have met a monthly running goal, but it was the most ambitious month I have had so far. It is also the first month that I have really set out with a firm goal in mind. Then I got waylayed with some scheduling conflicts and illness.

The goal was 82 miles in the calendar month. My log says:

82.3 miles
Time: 15h 07m 26s
Avg. Pace: 11:02/mile

This makes 448 miles for the year. My new shoes have 148.5 miles on them. I guess they are not so new. At best, they are 1/4 of the way through their life expectancy, at worst, they are half way there.

I lost a few miles one week due to having to cut a few runs short. I made up for some of it by running more days in a row, but lower mileage. Then due to an infection, I had a horrificaly high fever that knocked me out almost a week. When I did get back, it was a few days of working slow and easy just to make sure the infection was really gone. Plus I did not feel 100% yet.

I ended the month with 2 great weeks. Both high mileage weeks. One was almost 30 miles and the other 23. The 23 mile week would have been my longest 7 days to date except it was eclipsed by the 29 mile week the week before. I know these are not big numbers for many runners, but they are for me and I am very excited to be at this stage. I am still a new runner and do not want to be overly ambitious too soon. I am trying to get excited about these little advances so that I will not crank the mileage up too much and get injured.

Get out and run or walk. Move! Achieve that goal!

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