I weigh less than who?

My brother. No, the other one. The skinny one.

He is 13 months older than me. Mom says that I have probably outweighed him since I was 18 months old. Yesterday the scale read 184. That is down from a high of 274.

I wanted to taunt my brother a bit and see if I could get some good excuses out of him to make some good blog posting material. This is what I sent to him.

Abe, Here is an un-doctored photo (well, I cropped it a bit) of my weight this morning.

Have I undercut you? Is today the first day since I was like 3 weeks old that I weigh less than you?


And his reply:

By 1 pound as of Tuesday the 19th…last time I weighed myself. Congratulations. Keep it up.


Kind of a boring response. He actually seems happy for me. Aren’t brothers supposed to be in competition?

This is my brother who got me into running. He was training for his first half marathon and mentioned it to me. I decided to join him in the training plan. Though I was not a runner, I had already been doing quite a bit of aerobic exercises for over a year. I was in pretty good shape. I would not recommend someone going from a non-runner to a half marathon in 5 months.Picture of scale at 184 lbs.

Now the whole story. I really did weigh 184 yesterday, but that was after my 10 mile run and before I had completely re-hydrated. I weighed 189 before the run and 184 after the run. Today I was back up to 187 before my race. But down to 184 afterwards. So, I don’t really think it is justifiable to say that I weigh 184, but the scale did say that for a few minutes. I will get there soon though. I am currently not even trying to lose weight. It is just a result of my running. After my half marathon in 2 weeks, I will start with my weight loss program again. It really is not good to try and lose weight when training for a long race. You need the extra fuel. Unless you are way overweight at the start of your training.

According to the numbers I need to be around 170 to 175. I used to not believe that I could get that low without looking sick. Now I know that 15 pounds of fat coming off will be just about right.

Congrats to me!

2 thoughts on “I weigh less than who?”

  1. Excellent work on beating your brother… secretly, he gave up that Triple Layer Fudge Brownie Ice Cream Sundae and ate some rice cakes.

    in 2003 I lost alot of weight, from 178 to 159 and my running suffered. I could barely do anything. Now, I’m 165ish although the almighty US Department of Health says that I should weight around 149 for my height… uhhhhh, no.

  2. According to the numbers I started at a BMI of over 38. Dr. Monte says it should be under 25. I am currently at 26.1. To get to the 25 mark I need to be at 179 or lower. I am sure this does not take into account my muscle mass. Not that I am ripped, but I do have a muscle or two.

    That said, it is obvious that I have extra fat still hanging around. I think dropping 10 to 15 lbs. should get me to where I want to be. And, if my running suffers for it, I know adding a few pounds back on won’t be a problem.

    Mom already thinks I look sickly. But I think that is mostly from the fact that I have been overweight for so long. And, the last pictures she saw of me was when I really was sick. I guess it is time to send some new photos so she will stop trying to send me ice cream in the mail to fatten me back up. Mom, international shipping is not good for ice cream.

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