New podcasts

I am moving from one computer to another with my iTunes library. I had been wanting to make the move for some time, but have been pushed into it recently. The index file for my library got corrupted. The computer I was using wanted to erase my iPod and start over. I figured if this was going to happen, it was time to move to the new computer. It will be easy to import my mp3s. I just need to start collecting my podcasts again and setting up my playlists. Though I had many playlists, I really only use two.

In the process, I noticed that the two Spanish podcasts that I was listening to have died. When you are subscribed to as many as I am, it takes a while to realize that a podcast is not being updated. Sometimes a podcast will come back from a long break and make a comment about being gone and I will not have realized they had been away.

I picked up a new Spanish one to replace my others. This one is Spanish from Spain called Notes in Spanish. I listen to their advanced podcast. As I live in México, the Spanish sounds funny to my ears. We make fun of Spaniards and the way they talk. I am sure they do the same about the Mexican Spanish.

When all is settled in the next week or so, I will try to give a list of those podcasts that made the cut. Of course I already have gotten all the running podcasts re-subscribed that I was listening to. If you have suggestions of your favorite podcasts, leave a comment and I will see what new might interest me. I am mostly into technology and endurance sports podcasts, but have various and sundry other interests.

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