Round 3

Round 3 started on time. We arrived about 5 minutes late. My game was already underway. My capitan was there, but the other two were not. Each individual game gets to start when one player arrives.

My round
I fought a much better game as black this afternoon. I was able to build a very strong defense to protect my King and started working a good offense. It was obvious the line of offense my opponent was working, so I was able to protect against it while still chipping away at his defense.

But, it all came to a screeching halt when I could not get one piece moved. I had to sit back and be patient. Eventually he won in 27 moves using his original offense. I feel like it was a good game, he was just able to develope better than I could.

Our other team members arrived and lost their games pretty quickly. Daniel lasted longest but eventually lost his game as well. This was not a surprise as the team we were playing was a much stronger team. I am not sure how the scoring goes, but we are actually playing teams that are not in our grouping and their average skill level, which is a numerical rating, will be taken into consideration in the final tally for the diffenet groupings. We have now won 2 of our 12 possible points.

My son’s round
His team won 3 of their 4 matches this afternoon. He played as white. The loss was his unfortunately. He did not tell me really how it went, but the girl he was playing against looked like she had control of pretty much the whole game. I was able to see his match from my playing position.

His team also won 3 of their 4 games last night. The one they lost was the one in which we had to pull my son out of because of time. His team has won 10 out of a possible 12 points. Good job.

We each have a substitute playing in our stead tomorrow for round 4.

No cell phones. No real excitement.

Round 5 has been moved up 1 hour to be played at 4. So out of the 5 rounds, 3 of them have had their starting times changed.

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