3 X 4 = 12.18

Ok, so today’s run was not quite 3 miles. 2.88. But then, I actually ran 5K the other days so…hmm, quick math says 9.3 miles plus the 2.88 of today is 12.18. Or, something pretty close to that.

I feel pretty good about having run even though I did not get my long run in this week. Maybe early next week I will drop my speed work in favor of a somewhat longish run. I need to make it early in the week so that I don’t make my next long run difficult.

I eavesdropped on a conversation early this week which told me that there was a 10K race this morning. That is assuming my Spanish eavesdropping skills are what I think they are. I did not go because of time constraints. I would have considered going to that and skipping my long run anyway. I have not run a race in a few months. I like races. Not because I am out there to beat anyone else, it just gives me an atmosphere to push myself.

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