Three days of rest. Helpful?

Great 7 mile run on Saturday. No running Sunday. Monday was a speed workout that was scrubbed because of driving to see the whale sharks. Tuesday was swimming with the whale sharks and driving home. So I had 3 days of rest from running.

Did it help my run this morning by being off? No. I did not do poorly today. In fact the run felt great, which to me is important, though the time of the run was a bit slow. Not too slow to be bummed. 53:16 was this week’s 5 miler and last week was 52:05. A difference of 14 seconds per mile slower. Last week I even walked a good bit of the last mile. I overdid it early on in the run I guess.

All that said, I do know that rest days help. Stringing 3 in a row is nice to do on occasion. Maybe the swimming and snorkeling I did affected me. I know the snorkeling gave me cramps in my calves. They were very sore last night, though I did not notice any soreness today.

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