Good 7 miler

Knowing that I was going to be running for close to an hour and a half, I decided to not try anything new. No new shorts, new shoes, new shirts. I did, however, opt for my new socks and hat. I figured a hat could not bother me and my socks I have worn on enough short runs to know they would be fine. But…I could not find my fanny pack. Which meant that I could not carry my Sport Beans that I am trying out and my water. Water could be bought along the way, but that meant that I then had to carry money.

The only running clothes I have with pockets are a new pair shorts. I did not want to wear them, but I ended up doing so. They have never caused problems, but the longest I have run in them was 5.5 miles. Just about a 1 hour run.

Great run. I felt great. The Sport Beans apparently did a wonderful job. I was not starving when I got home even though all I had to eat before I left was a granola bar. About 5 miles into the run I was disappointed that it was almost over.

With the exception of one of my toes feeling a bit rubbed, the run felt good.

My old shoes have always been too short. I did not buy them with running in mind. I recently lost two toenails because my toes were hitting the front of the shoe. The damage was done in May, but the nails just fell off within the last couple of weeks. With no nail to protect my toe, I have a huge blood blister on the tip of it now. Ouch!

I did not realize that I had rubbed my nipple raw until I jumped in the pool last night. I had taken a dip in the pool yesterday morning and a shower, but both were very cold water. The pool was much warmer in the evening, so I noticed the tender spot on my chest.

And the shorts… Well, I really should have stuck to my original plan. Though these shorts are nice and had never given me any problems in the 2 weeks I have run in them, they did yesterday. I have chaffed inner thighs. I will have to walk around tenderly for a day or so. I am trading my undergarments for compression shorts for the day. Since they are black, I will have to remember to not wear white pants to church today.

Stick to your plan. Don’t try new stuff. And remember, the old stuff can hurt you too.

The run was 7.28 miles in 1:20:42 seconds. A pace of 11:05. That is a great pace for me to be running long runs at this stage of my half marathon training. On race day, if I can push myself, I think I can be at my goal pace of 10 minutes. If not, it will at least be better than my last half.

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  1. I greased up my toes before going out, but forgot the nipples.

    I was really disappointed when I was back in the US a couple of weeks ago that I could not find any bodyglide. The way everyone talks about it, it should have been available in every sports store. I hit 7 Mom & Pop stores and a couple of big box stores and they did not have any. So now I am back to ordering some over the net. I am not sure when I will be having anyone come in to bring me some loot. I think the next opportunity is November.

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