Running again

I had to lay out of running for a week. When we were at camp I was not able to run. I had looked forward to getting in a nice easy 3 mile run just to wake up each day. But, as camp director, I had to be up and ready at 7:00 each day. That meant the run had to be over before about 6:50 so I could be showered and ready to go.

Problem was that we were on the other end of the time zone than I am used to. The sun did not start coming up until 6:45. The camp was right on the main highway. Major road. That said, it was a 2 lane road with no shoulders. Which meant I would have to either run right on the edge of cars coming or off to the side. The side had some nice foot paths. But not a pleasant thought when it is dark and cars buzzing by at 60 mph in unfamiliar territory. Therefore, I did not run all week.

I started running on Sunday again. Just 4 miles. This was after crossing the border into Texas. The next day was 3 miles. The next 2. I took today off and will probably get 3 in tomorrow.

Next week I finally am able to get into my routine again and will be ramping up my mileage for the half marathon I am doing in October.

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