5 1/2 hours in line!

I went to get my new license plates today. When I got there I had about an hour before my first appointment of the day. That should have been plenty of time, right? Not even close. The line had about 150 in it. It took over an hour just to get into the door of the building. To my dismay, once I got in the building there was another line of 75 people! At least it was air conditioned inside.

Another hour or so in there. Finally I got to the main desk. Whew! Come to find out, all of that waiting was just to get me to the person that checks and makes sure I have everything. He checked off all of my documents and then I was ready to sit and wait in another line so they could record my information. Another hour.

My number was called and the nice lady took my information and filled in the required paperwork. What next? Sit down and wait until it was time to make sure all the numbers (VIN, engine block, firewall) were correctly recorded. My name was called and I got to get out of the building long enough to walk the 3 blocks to bring my car in for the inspection. Surely that would be towards the end of my wait. Nope.

“Sit down and wait for your name to be called.” So I sat for another long period of time. Finally my name was called again. This time to go sit in the room where I had to pay my $120 for the privilege of waiting. I got called up to the register to pay. Now it should be about over, I hoped. One final waiting period and I was finally out of there in 5 1/2 hours.

I had taken a book, but when I went to have the car checked to see if the numbers were correct, I left the book in the car thinking I was just about done.

This is typical here. Whatever time it would take you to do anything back home, expect it to take many, many times longer here. I was telling a friend about my plight this evening and he congratulated me for getting through the process so quickly. It took him 8 hours to do his! Something is broken here.

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