I have been hovering around the forums at the last several days. This has been spawned by my brother’s desire to run in the Indy Mini Marathon on May 6th 2006. I have been training with him and ran my first 5 miles straight today. I ran it in 50 minutes and 20 seconds. That was my longest run. Previously I had only run 4 miles. I will be building up to 10 miles in the weeks leading up to race day. On race day I will run a full 13.1 miles.


Well, everyone else is doing it, why not? You will see how my interests change from week to week. I figure it will somehow be theraputic to see what my wife sees. She knows how often I get interested in something and then just drop it like a hot potato. Since I can never remember from week to week what my interests were the week before, I figure writing it down will give me a chance to see how flighty I am.