Why DRM Frustrates Legitimate Users

I have never been a fan of DRM (Digital Rights Management). This is the system that is supposed to stop people from illegally sharing files across the Internet. I don’t know of any DRM that has completely stopped file sharing. It is trivial to do a search on the Internet for the file you want and … Continue reading “Why DRM Frustrates Legitimate Users”

EMI to offer DRM-free music!

This is great news. I checked the dates of all the announcements I could find. They are all dated today, not April First like Google’s big announcement. The deal with EMI is that they have offered to sell their entire catalog of digital music without DRM for 30 cents more than the normal price of … Continue reading “EMI to offer DRM-free music!”

My Thought Spot 01: DRM, Cenotes and Road Races

Here is the first episode of the new podcast: My Thought Spot. I tried hard to make this a non-typical first episode. Normally you would hear the host talk about what he is going to talk about instead of just giving you the podcast. While it seems important to have an introductory episode, in reality … Continue reading “My Thought Spot 01: DRM, Cenotes and Road Races”