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I finally got a feed set up for the podcast. You can subscribe by pasting the following URL into you podcatching software. http://www.mythoughtspot.com/category/mts-podcast/feed/

I am submitting it to iTunes now, so you should be able to search for My Thought Spot in iTunes and subscribe there within a few hours. When it gets all settled into iTunes, I will be able to put a link up here that you can click and it will take you to the podcast within iTunes where you can subscribe easily.

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My Thought Spot 02: Seven Wonders, Running Injury and Great Photos

Currently I don’t have a dedicated RSS feed for the podcast, but I will figure out what I want to do with that soon and post it here on the blog. For those of you who want to subscribe via iTunes, I will try to have a link for you by the end of the week.

This episode is pretty much just an audio summary of what appeared on the blog this week. I also talk about the Fitness Rocks podcast with Dr. Monte.

Show Notes:

My Thought Spot 01: DRM, Cenotes and Road Races

Here is the first episode of the new podcast: My Thought Spot.

I tried hard to make this a non-typical first episode. Normally you would hear the host talk about what he is going to talk about instead of just giving you the podcast. While it seems important to have an introductory episode, in reality most post people who start listening to the podcast will not hear episode 1 as their first show. They will pick you up many months in the future and then possibly go back and listen to episode 1 later on.

So, how did I do?

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Thanks for giving it a listen. I will work on getting links up to voting sites so that you can shoot this podcast up the charts. 🙂