My Thought Spot 22: Peanut Bunny and Quackers

Just a short show to update some of the recent posts. I have not been posting a whole lot here and therefore the podcast is short.

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My Thought Spot 21: Spring has sprung

I got this recorded today with my new microphone.

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Podcast on podcasting

Here is an audio recording I did of a lecture I gave last week. It is entitled “Podcasting from Linux.” It really is not Linux specific, but it was given at the Pensacola Linux Users Group February meeting.

Here are the notes I handed out at the meeting.

Podcasting from Linux


  • Audacity – for audio editing
  • EasyTag – for tagging your MP3 files
  • Skype
  • WordPress


  • Microphones
  • Recorders
  • Mixers
  • Audio Interface

Why podcast?

When to podcast?

What makes a good podcast?

  • Passion!

What makes a bad podcast?

Podcasts as examples




Professionally recorded



My podcasts

My Thought Spot 20: Catching Up

I have not put out a regular episode of MTS in a while. This will help catch up on the posts, though I don’t try to get completely caught up. I did add the audio from The Child’s Story that I recorded previously. This is tacked on to the end. If you have already heard it, it will be easy to skip.

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My Thought Spot 19: Merry Christmas!

This is a Christmas episode mostly recorded by my son and me. The family sang a song. We never claimed to be professionals, we just sang it because we enjoy singing and torturing others.

Mostly this is just a quick recap of our last week as it pertains to Christmas. We did some shout outs to family members. It is still not a full regular episode of My Thought Spot. I will work on getting one of those out in a week or so.

Show notes are sparse, but here they are. My Amazon Wishlist. The Magnatune album where the background music can be found.

Merry Christmas everyone!