Best ADD/ADHD Books

I just wrote a very long article reviewing 9 of the best books about Attention Deficit Disorder. I have read some of them, but not all. It didn’t take long to figure out which were the best. There were certain titles that rose to the top on most every website I visited.

Here is the list:

You can read the full article with a summary of each book, or just click the titles above to be taken to the Amazon page about each book.

Location Based Games

Have you played any location based games like Gowalla or Foursquare? I have been playing them since the end of 2009 and have enjoyed the gameplay of some of them. I have not played SCVNGR much, but it seems to be making a big splash in the industry for its creativity in getting you to do more than just show up at a location. They seem to be working harder with location managers to get special promotions for game players too.

I have mostly enjoyed Gowalla since it allows you to pick up items and drop them off in other locations. It also looks nicer.

Foursquare is the BMOC (big man on campus) in the location based game space. If you had to choose a winner, this is probably the one. But since the games all play differently there is nothing to say you can’t play all of them.

I have not been able to play Facebook Places because it is only available to people inside the US.

Whrrl has not excited me that much. I have played it some, but I don’t see the point.

What games do you play? Why do you like that one better than the others?


Info Barrel header imageThe last week I have been writing articles at This is one of the many “write an informative article and hope to earn money” type websites. I have many things that I could write about that don’t seem to fit in any of my blogs. I enjoy writing and explaining things. So here is a platform to be able to share that writing.

I have published 5 articles already and have 2 more that I am currently writing. So far I have honed in on a few broad categories to write about. Maybe I will make a weekly post for a while here with a list of my articles over there that you can check out.

Here are my articles from week #1.

I have made a couple of edits to two of the articles. They have an approval process until you have been writing for them for 2 weeks. So you may see an old version of one of these that has a mistake in it. But if you do see something odd, please let me know either in a comment here or on the IB article.

One of the reasons one would want to write articles is that it can be a source of passive income. This means that I write the article and leave it to sit on the site waiting for people to come by and click on the advertisements. Even without buying anything, when someone just clicks on a Google ad the article writer gets paid. Over time the articles that I write there can continue to be a source of income without me having to do any more writing. This is what is meant by passive income.

Join me in writing for InfoBarrel. Even if someone has already written an article about a subject you could cover, then give it a shot and do a better job. There is nothing stopping you from writing 500 articles about the same thing if you can do it in such a way that each one is unique. You notice I have 2 articles that are similarly titled about changing guitar strings. But the articles are for beginners and more advanced guitar string changers.

Hope you enjoy reading them.

Race Report: 2010 World Wide Festival of Races

Yesterday I ran the World Wide Festival of Races half marathon. This is my 5th time to “run” the half marathon distance in this event. In a nutshell, the WWFoR is a series of races from the 5K to the half marathon where the participants run in their local area, but with the idea that we are running as a group. Thus the tagline, “Think global, run local.” Your event can be an organized official race, or just a run around your neighborhood all by yourself. With the exception of 2008, I have always run these events alone on a course I marked out myself.

I have not been getting in the long miles that I needed for a 13.1 mile run. Previous to last week (a 9.5 mile run) my long runs had been 6.5 miles or less. And those that were “long” were many weeks apart. Because of that I considered running the 10K, or even the 5K version of the race this year. But I have run the half the previous 4 years and I did not want to break my streak.

Previous Half Marathon Finishes
In 2006, the inaugural event, I ran around the neighborhood. This was actually my second half marathon distance. I ran that one in 2:39:24. I did not completely stick to my plan and therefore was a bit disappointed with the result.

In 2007 I ran it in 2:16:28. That year everything seemed to fall right in place. I had a goal time that I trained for and finished the race 32 seconds faster than my goal. It was a good run.

The 2008 race was the first half of my marathon. I ran that half in 2:11:16. My focus was on the marathon distance and did not give much thought to the half other than I noted my time so that I could report it later.

A week after the 2008 run I was surprised by severe pain in my right foot. I never had it x-rayed, but felt like I was probably dealing with a stress fracture. I let it rest for several weeks and then trained for a half marathon which I ran in just under 1:58:55. A week later I was dealing with the same pain in my left foot.

The next year, 2009, I was training for another marathon and got another stress fracture in the left foot. This was just a few weeks before the WWFoR. I ran the first 7 miles and walked the last 6. It was a tough day, but I could not bring myself to not finish the distance. The final time was 3:18:04.

2010 WWFoR Half Marathon
Map of my runThat brings me to this year. Though I wasn’t as well trained as I had been in years past, I felt obligated to myself to do the run. I planned to do it as entertainment, not as a race. The goal was to alternate running a mile and walking a minute. Since I didn’t actually plan out my mile markers, I just ran 10 minutes and walked 1 until the distance was covered.

About 4.5 miles into the run I got a bit lost. I dropped into a butcher’s shop and asked for directions to get me on the right track. I told him the road I wanted to be on and asked if he could help get me there. He said that it was not hard to get there, but that road was all mud and I would never be able to drive to it. I told him I was running so the mud didn’t matter to me. His reply then was, “in that case, where you want to go is way too far away. You will never get there running.” Little did he know by the time I got to where he was directing me I would only be half way through my run.

I got back on track and continued my run. At mile 7 I realized that I had not been wearing my sun glasses. I knew I picked them up before leaving the house, but where were they now? I had put them up above the bill of my cap until I got outside the house. Since it was overcast throughout the run, I never did put them on.

At mile 9 I stopped at a little corner store and bought an apple and a Gatorade to refill my CamelBak. When I took off from the store I wanted to make up a little of the time lost (not that I was in any hurry) so I buzzed out of there quickly. From the sudden burst of speed I was out of breath about the time I took a big bite of the apple. That made it much harder to breath. Lesson learned. Small bites for the rest of the run.

Because I did not know where the mile splits were, I did not know what my pace was either. But I guessed that the time I spent lost had added a bit of distance to the run based on my time. I decided that it was safe to take a chance and drop out 2 of the blocks from the end of the run. The final distance was 13.72 miles.

I took the average pace for the total distance (11:55 per mile) and calculated what 13.1 miles would be. I guess my official time should be 2:36:07 for the 5th annual WWFoR. Out of 5 runnings I have run it faster 2 times and slower 2 times. Not too bad with absolutely no preparation.

I am going to use the last 2 weeks as the springboard I need to start building my mileage again. I have slipped into a comfortable 10 miles per week routine. A couple of years ago I was running twice that much. After my 2009 injuries I have never even put forth the effort to build my miles again. Now is the time to start. Now I am 2 weeks into working on a weekly long run. Time to keep the momentum going.

Last long run before my World Wide Festival of Races Half Marathon

Yesterday I did something I have not done in over a year—I ran more than 7 miles in one run. I went out for an 8 mile run and ended up with 9.5 miles under me.

I can’t believe that it has been so long since I have had a good long run. I hurt my foot in marathon training last year and had to back off considerably from the long miles. Since then I have never built up my distance again. Because I want to complete my 5th consecutive running of the Phedippidations World Wide Festival of Races Half Marathon I knew I needed to get a long run in to test the waters for a 13.1 mile run. Yesterday was the day, though I should have done it earlier.

I mapped out an 8+ mile course which took me into new territory that I had not seen in my neighborhood. I actually ended up running completely around the town next to us (City Bell).

I decided on a run/walk. Usually when I do this I try to cover a mile and then walk a minute. Since I didn’t know where my miles would end, I just ran 10 minutes and walked a minute. Then after that I walked for a minute when I got to minutes 20, 30, 40 etc.

During the run I listened to As the World Cheers (MP3 file). This was the 2010 “Shouts of Encouragement” episode from Steve Runner. He puts one of these together every year to allow his listeners to shout encouragement to the other runners in the group. This year’s episode was really cool since he, and some fellow runners, put together a song. In it he gave a hat tip to those running at the River Plate. I am the only one registered from the Argentina/Uruguay/Paraguay section where Rio de la Plata (what we call it down here) runs. That was pretty cool to hear.

When I got to within a mile of my house I was feeling really good and strongly considered just knocking out the half marathon all at once. I did end up running around the park once, which added 1.4 miles to my run, but I did not do the extra 5 miles I needed to finish up the distance. By not doing it all yesterday I am forcing myself to get out there and do another long run this week to get my half marathon completed.

NOTE: I don’t recommend going from 4 and 5 mile runs to a 13.1 mile run. It is probably not too wise to jump up to a 9.5 mile run. Doing the run/walk helps considerably. Knowing how to fuel properly for a run of that distance is also a big factor in being able to do that type of run without worrying about injury. And, finally, I certainly wasn’t going very fast. I never felt like I was pushing myself too hard. Just a casual run around town.

Now to get the legs rested up for a casual half marathon next week (though this weekend was race weekend, the actual date is a bit flexible). I have no time goal other than to complete it in less than my 3.5 hour crawl last year.